MARCH goes to Comic Con, Wins Eisner

March: Book Two won an Eisner! I could hardly believe it. It was the capstone to what was arguably my most favorite San Diego Comic Con ever. Seriously. From debuting March: Book Three, to selling out on Friday (!) of advance copies of the 2016 X-Files Annual I wrote, to winning an Eisner, to both starting and ending a day hanging out with Eddie Campbell--this was the Comic Con I dreamed of when I was a kid. 

On Friday, the whole team was asked to present three categories at the Eisner Award Ceremony which was a big thrill unto itself, but the highlight definitely came when, long into the ceremony, we won an Eisner for "Best Reality-Based Work"--a surreal evening by any measure. Seeing Rep. John Lewis bound on to that stage reinforced the weight of our work over the last eight years and the extraordinary journey it took to get there. We also received some incredible news about the future life of March that we'll be sharing in the coming weeks (soon! I promise).

Some coverage:

The Guardian - " US congressman wins Eisner award for graphic memoir of civil rights struggle"

The Frame on 89.3 KPCC - "Rep. John Lewis wants his graphic novel, 'March,' to inspire young activists"

ALSO -- Only a few more days until August 2nd and the release of March: Book Three nationwide. Watch The Rachel Maddow Show on Tuesday (8/2/16) at 9pm on MSNBC to see Rep. John Lewis, Nate Powell, and myself talking about the new book and a beautiful animation of Nate Powell's art put together by the always-exceptional Maddow Team.