Children's MARCH @ SDCC



For me, this is what MARCH is all about: the next generation. It is about the opportunity to find that maladjusted young person who has lost a parent or doesn't fit in and needs a little encouragement to be themselves, to be different and love different things and help them grow up to be who they want to be through work hard and faith in their abilities. 

Here's a few highlights from the SDCC 2015 clippings about us and our adventures:

John Lewis Grooms Next-Generation Activists at Comic-Con - ROLL CALL

This Congressman Is the Greatest Cosplayer of Comic-Con 2015 - I09

John Lewis Shows Comic-Con What A Real-Life Superhero Looks Like - HUFFINGTON POST

The real origin story behind how Rep. John Lewis became THE hit of Comic-Con - WASHINGTON POST

Oh, and one more thing: CHER. Thats right, CHER. Can't argue with this: