MARCH Tour 2013 wraps up

What a year! After more than six months on the road, the MARCH tour 2013 is finally winding down. Still have a few more signings before the end of the year but the major travel is done and my dog couldn't be happier!

Here's a recap of the last swing:

Miami Book Fair International

-- The Miami Book Fair was an incredible experience. First off, Miami is beautiful and warm, even this time of the year. Despite only being on the ground there for thirty-six hours, I soaked up as much sun as possible. Despite my best efforts, I'm still rocking the pale "office tan" from the capitol hill lifestyle. Nevertheless! We gave two speeches. The first speech was in the morning to a group of a few hundred students who were really responsive, huge comics fans, and totally digging MARCH as something they want in their classrooms. We signed afterwards for more than an hour! 

The second speech was in the evening in a much larger facility. It was a ticketed event and several hundred people showed up. Congresswoman Fredericka Wilson introduced us to a really wonderful audience. I spoke for about 20 minutes and tried to open up a little bit about where I was coming from in doing this project, how I had turned to comics after my dad left, and why I feel so strongly that we all have an obligation to contribute to improving our community. Afterwards we signed books for more than two hours. 

Miami Herald article on the evening speech

National Council for the Social Studies Conference

-- After Miami, we said goodbye to Nate and Congressman Lewis and I flew to St Louis. It was an unbelievable crowd of more than a thousand teachers, administrators, and lovers of all things Social Studies. Not only did I get to share the stage with Congressman Lewis, but after our speeches, Taylor Branch, the Pulitzer prize winning author and historian, joined us for a three-way panel discussion on civil rights education in America today. 

The signing that followed was amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of people waited in line for more than two hours, gathering up copies of MARCH by the arm load. Some folks bought as many as a dozen copies. We signed, posed for pictures, chatted, and just had an all around good time meeting everybody. 

And now.... back to reality. Till Next Year!